Childhood, Culture and Education. How we become what we are

Childhood, Culture and Education. How we become what we are

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Dra. Giuseppina Marsico
Dr. Julio Cesar Ossa

We are pleased to introduce this special issue of the Iberoamerican Journal of Psychology on “Childooh, Culture and Education”. When Alejandro Bejarano Gómez, Editor in Chief, asked us to take the role of Guest Editors we did not hesitate to accept this prestigious commitment. For us it was a real honor to accept this invitation that originally came from the Developmental Psychology Node, which stems from the Colombian Association of Psychology Faculties (ASCOFAPSI). Since the very beginning we had the feeling that to explore the interconnection between, childhood, culture and education is still very needed, and it is the key point to understand how we become what we are.

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